Get the Best Out of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a vastly used tool that gives the website designer an inside view of the progress and traffic to his or her site; as the tool is entirely free, it is extremely popular. With Analytics, you can analyze up to fifty pages entirely free and generate reports on the performance of the pages or separate sites. Not only will it show you how the visitors came to your site in the first place, but it will give you a detailed account of the way they explored the site once they were on it. And if that is not enough, Analytics will give you tips on how to ultimately improve on Buy Google Reviews these views, and all by simply signing up for a Google Analytics account. Read on below to find out just how to make the most out of this excellent and free tool by Google.

Google analytics can be viewed separately, or together with your existing Google AdWords account; the two are independent but can be run together. You can use this tool with your Google AdWords account, or if you wish, you can use either one of the two entirely independently. Using Google Analytics in combination with Google AdWords, you can both analyze how well the traffic is heading towards your site as well as which of the adverts are pulling in more traffic. With the extra top contest report you find within this, you can ascertain at which point viewers are leaving your site; this is extremely important, and having the knowledge as to which of your pages are most popular will allow you to make any changes necessary to your content in order to draw back the viewers you are losing.

Another brilliant feature you will find in the Google Analytics package is indeed the goals page. With the goals feature of Google Analytics, you can determine which of the viewers to your site are actually buying from your site, making this an integral feature of the package. Within goals, you will see features such as purchase confirmations, allowing you to easily see exactly who is purchasing from your site. If you are the head of your company, then as administrator to the account, you can set up accounts for your staff members with limited access to the information, giving you flexibility over exactly what your employees can view or not.

You can configure Google Analytics in whichever way you think suits you and your cause best; there are over 80 drag and drop features available that will show you how your site and content is performing. You really can make Google analytics works for you by organizing and personalizing your account. To personalize your Google analytics accounts so it works just for you is done by entering into the settings of your account. Once you are inside the settings part of your account, you will find both your goals as well as an overview of your whole account navigating the content of your Google analytics account really couldn’t be any easier due to the 80 handy drag and drop features that allow you to jump form one page to another in seconds.

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