Introduction to the Abu Dhabi Property Market

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the U . s . Arab-speaking Emirates and is the largest of the countries’ seven cities located less than 200kilometres from Dubai. While Dubai has become a symbol of wealth and prosperity, Abu Dhabi is actually richer and more powerful, bragging 10% of the world’s petroleum supplies and intensely rich Sovereign Wealth Funds.

Abu Dhabi is following in Dubai’s footsteps with plans to diversify the economy and move away from dependence on the energy sector. In September uae visit visa approval time 2007 the costa rica government published Plan Abu Dhabi 2030 which outlines the city’s development over the next 19 years or so, with increased exposure of developing the vacation, industrial and real estate sectores.

The city has recently announced over US$270 thousand in real estate projects, and in 2006 the doors were finally opened to international investors.

Future development is divided in the same way to Dubai with distinct areas serving well defined residential and commercial purposes. Most of the future development will be in the outlying countries which encircle the landmass, as well as more away from the coast towards Dubai. These countries include Ing Reem Island, Saadiyat Island, Ing Raha Beach, Yas Island (future home of Formula One Grand Prix) and Hudyriat Island, among others.

The market is seen as an supply far exceeding beyond demand causing extremely high rental prices/returns. The demand will continue due to the city’s expansion which is attracting people, businesses and events to the region.

At the time of writing, entry prices are more achieable than Dubai at between 1, 900 — 2, 000 AED, but the payment plans are generally more favorable to compensate.

Abu Dhabi is still behind Dubai is some aspects of the property sector. For example, there is no authority to manage the market, not all developments are freehold, and residency visas are currently not granted to investors.

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